Best legal utility for your alliance or kingdom discord server. Offers PO functions, Bubble reminder, Offline calculators and more!

150,000 + Requests from Winter bot was responded so far!
50,000 + Kingslanding Buffs requested using Winter
47 Discord Channels are a using Winter for PO functions

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PO functions 2 Minute Guide

For players and POs

What our users say

It’s amazing how far things have progressed since we started the game. If I could give myself one piece of advice looking back it would be to use systems that help. Discord Bots are the bulk of our systems that make the donkey work easier and Winter is the best I’ve seen at organizing a busy alliance / server.

You don’t know you need this until you try it and then you will wonder how you lived without it.


Frozen Angel’s “PO Bot” can bring an easy understandable PO system to every kingdom. Many functions will, once accustomed too, make the life of a PO more comfortable. This is added by the fact that Frozen Angel has pinned her heart on this project and strives to improve it with an ongoing dialog with the users of the bot.