Weirwood Tree

By April 2, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

The Weirwood Tree is where you get your free commanders, one place where you can level them up, rank them up and upgrade their quality. The tree has two paths, the Normal path and the Elite path. The main sections of the Elite path give medals that you can use to obtain or upgrade the quality of your commanders (Note, some commanders are real money pay only, or elite event only and their medals are not available in the Weirwood trials).

The Weirwood battles can be difficult, and for now we are not going to go into “how do I beat 2-18” You need to understand that some levels are purposely much harder than others. The final (18) is always harder than the others in a segment. The in between stages are always relatively easy, and the 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 where you meet the bosses are harder. Those stages are also repeatable and when you 3 star them you can use blitzing to get the items from them without actually having to do the battles. If this is all a bit confusing don’t worry, it will make more sense later on.

Basics of Fighting Weirwood Trials

The tutorial took you through a few levels of Weirwood, so you should understand the basics, but there are still a lot of questions, we’ll try to answer some of these here.


You want to check your formation before every battle. The basic idea is to keep your “tank” commanders in the front row and your damage dealers in the back row. There are a lot of people that like to use Sansa as a tank, she has relatively high hit points so she dies slower. That never worked for me, because if she dies my chances of 3 starring a level are slim, but it’s your choice. You want to move your commanders around to try and get as many forward green arrows as possible. What this means is that particular commander is well suited to take on the troops in that row. Don’t focus a lot of effort on this though, it makes a difference, but in my experience it doesn’t mean an automatic win or loss.

You want to use most of your highest level and rank commanders when first attempting a level, if you want you can go back and redo levels inserting one lower level commander to help rank them up. But to win them, and 3 star them you want your best commanders.


Rule one of Weirwood is do not set your commander skills on auto. You’ll beat the easy ones like this, but not the harder ones. The system is bad at fighting, it will target single enemies with AOE attacks, wasting the attacks. For example the commanders with circle attacks like Chris has, can often hit 4 enemies with one attack. When using the auto system he will very rarely hit more than one, and never more than two. Wasting much of your attack. When on manual make sure that AOE (area of effect) attacks always target more than one enemy. As mentioned the circle attacks can hit up to 4, the straight line attacks can hit 3 on occasion, but mostly you’ll be able to hit 2 enemies.

Rule two of Weirwood is use stuns effectively, many commanders have attacks that include stuns. Watch your commander’s health bars and use the stun to slow attacks from enemies close to the ones who’s health bars deplete quickly. This slows down the attacks on them and often allows you to power up Sansa and heal them.

Finally, use skills intelligently, don’t just fire them because they’re ready. Healing in particular, if Sansa powers up and you heal, but none of your commanders is actually down much on health you wasted that heal. If you use Chris’s attack to finish the last 300 hp on an enemy and still have rounds to go, you wasted his skill. Watch the enemy, watch your commander’s health bars and use your skills intelligently!