Updates – May 31st – 2019

New Features

  • Added a new Event: World Progression (History of Westeros). This Event is a Kingdom Event, which means it needs all royal lords in the same Kingdom to complete different quests together to get the rewards. Please go to the building Harbor to get more information (The building Harbor is close to the building Market and Embassy).


  • Improved the level of the rewards of Rebel Group
  • Improved the Chatting channel performance. When switching the channel tabs, the small chatting box would show the newest message.
  • Added a small red notification icon to Alliance Mobilization
  • Added the Alliance Code to the scout in scout notification
  • Improved the order showing of Commander Bonus at Attack screen
  • Improved some other game experience and GUI

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the unusual display of some quests’ progresses on Alliance Mobilization
  • Fixed the issue that there was no Rally Attack or Defense Assist but it showed a notification icon
  • Fixed the issue that Commander Formation did not show the same one at Alliance Rally screen and Garrison screen of the Castle
  • Fixed the issue that sometimes the chatting messages just were showed partly when switching the channel tabs
  • Fixed the issue that the private chatting dialog box did not show the newest message
  • Fixed the unusual display of Regiment Info when just dispatching the troops
  • Fixed the issue that Research “Devout Offering” did not go into effect
  • Fixed the issue that some Boss art models did not match the names on Weirwood trails
  • Fixed some other minor bugs