Updates April 13th

By April 20, 2019 May 14th, 2019 Game Updates

New Features

  • New game feature: Rebel Group
  • New Event: Attack a Rebel Group
  • Supported many language versions, including: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Traditional Chinese
  • Opened Formation Drill feature in Military Grounds
  • Opened More Details feature in Battle Report
  • Opened Group feature in Social
  • Added Alliance Mark feature
  • Added all commanders’ voices


  • The effects of Military Passive Specialization of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish, and Cersei Lannister increase 25%. It means Advance Effect changes from 1%/2%/4%/8%/20% to 1.25%/2.5%/5%/10%/25%
  • Improved the UI of Mail. A notification will pop up when getting a new mail
  • Improved progress of Quick Equip for Commander Equipment
  • Distinguished different colors for enemy troops and own troops in rally battles
  • Increased the importance of the number of soldiers in rally battles
  • Improved Auto-Select experience in Recourse Gathering
  • Power details cannot be viewed by other lords. It means Scout Report becomes more important
  • Improved the UI of Activity Reward and increased a few new types of missions to Activity Reward
  • “Use Resource Pack” will be a priority Tip when resource is insufficient
  • Added the text “Today’s remaining Weirwood Tree Spirit attempts” in Stamina Screen
  • VIP chests Quest Screen shows reset time
  • Improved the UI of World Map
  • Improved many other game experience and GUI

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that castle model sometimes may not show in the World Map
  • Fixed the unusual display of the countdown of Current Blessing
  • Fixed the issue that Surprise Gift pack screen cannot be closed
  • Automatically after purchasing
  • Fixed the issue that saved battle report mails cannot be shared
  • Fixed the issue that lords who send the troops to reinforce cannot view Army Bonus during the time of Castle Siege
  • Fixed the issue that Protector may not see the protected lord’s information immediately in Rookery after receiving the Protection Request
  • Fixed the issue that typing in the numbers of troops in Shelter
  • Fixed some other minor bugs