Update Notice April 16th (We stand together to fight this pandemic)

By April 15, 2020 Game Updates

Another update and this one right before the champion city siege! That makes you think this update is about CSS mainly – and to configure the event once more before we play it on public servers (specially since yesterday people played the event on pioneer servers)

Anyways lets review the text of this update:

Dear Lords and Ladies, We will have an update at around 08:00 AM (GMT) on Apr 16th to fix a few bugs and make several improvements on Public Server. The server maintenance will last for 4 hours. During the maintenance, you will be unable to enter the game. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will send compensation via mail after the maintenance. Here are the contents of this update:

Lol yeah – first time they actually say 4 hours instead of 3 as the base time for update.

1. New Features

– We stand together to fight this pandemic. By clicking the new icon at the top left corner, Royal Lords and Ladies can claim daily rewards and receive special bonuses while the event is available.


I hope you all are ok in this pandemic. Stay home and stay safe.

Here is a picture from pioneer about this event:



2. Improvements

– The adjusted gap between each icon on the main screen in order to show icons without being covered.

– “Local Chat” will now have cooldown timer between posts.

– Improved some other game experience and GUI.


3. Bug Fixes

– Fixed some other minor bugs. GoT Winter is Coming Team

So unless if there is something else hidden in this update its a pretty straight forward one.

But I think there are some other stuff hidden in this update – mainly about the CSS.


By the way, there are some changes and more discoveries about Champion city siege from my last post about this event:

  • The diamond cost to enter this event is 10k not 3k
  • 10 kingdoms will be matched (will have a shared map to fight in) All alliances from these kingdoms can fight on their own and for their own alliances.
  • There is a grid area around each castle. You can’t bubble in them.
  • On grid or off grid if you’re attacked and you loose, you will be random ported.

So that third one worries me personally since it might mean sending reinforcements as a zero castle is dumb since you might be thrown out to a random place and your troops will have a walk of shame back.  I really hope they fix that for main servers otherwise a lot of players cant participate effectively!

Anyways, thanks for reading! Stay healthy <3