Update Notice Apr 2nd (Champion City Siege)

By April 1, 2020 Game Updates

Finally, we’re about to see the champion city siege event – one of those promised major events on the benefits page!

On April 2nd, major updates on the game will happen. The maintenance mode will start around 6 am and is expected to last 3 hours (and we players know its usually longer than that! Let’s review the content of this update:


1 – Royal Lords will be able to equip special effects for their troops‘ marching animation. The options to equip them will be at the “Castle” Building’s info page, they will soon be obtainable in future events.

So basically just like castle exteriors but this one changes the way your troops move on the map.


2 – Added new “Champion City Siege” Event. Qualified Royal Lords and Ladies from all unprotected kingdoms can enter a new battlefield to conquer territories and compete for unique awards and personal honor. For more details, please check the introduction in Cross-Server Event icon.

This is the major event that was promised to us months ago in Release schedule page on the benefits page.



Champion City Siege Opening

Dual effect badges (like Infantry and Cavalry attack badge) and a lot of diamonds are the rewards of this event in pioneer!

Champion City Siege Pioneer Reward

Soon I’ll make a separate post and explain how this event works from what we know from pioneer 🙂


Other Improvements


– Improved the UI of “Expedition Beyond” and “Refinement” System.
– Improved the Stage Rewards of higher difficulties in “Expedition Beyond”.
– Each Royal lord will now grant 12 hours of Truce effects after server maintenances.
– Improved some other game experience and GUI.

– Fixed some other minor bugs.

From what we can see here, the expedition beyond and refinement system UI are gonna change majorly.


Also, It seems that it might be worth doing 8 or 9 matches of a higher level of expedition beyond instead of doing 10 matches of a lower level there now (not sure about this one). This, if true, might change optimal strategies for the expedition beyond and encourage more players to try higher-level leagues.


One major very good update is that now after maintenance we get 12-hour bubbles, not 1-hour ones!