Resource Nodes

By March 26, 2019 June 20th, 2019 Guides

The World Map, accessed by clicking the link in your bottom bar while inside your city, is where you will find other player’s castles, the Great Cities, resource farming tiles, Rebel Camps, and Rebel Leaders. You navigate the world map by clicking, holding and dragging around. You can zoom in and out a bit using your mouse scroll wheel too, but not much. Below is a description of the main game items in the world map.

Resource Tiles

Resource tiles are there for you to farm, each one provides a different resource and all but the Mint provide crafting items as well. Be warned, not every farming attempt will award you a crafting material and the drop rate is rather low, especially for low levels with small armies. Since the drop rate is random the longer you farm a single resource the higher your chances of acquiring one. This doesn’t mean if you leave early you won’t get one, it just means the longer you’re there the better your chances.

All resource tiles come in 5 levels, the levels that spawn are dependent on their location on the map, you can see this by going to your world map and clicking the middle icon above the minimap, then the bottom right icon to show the resource area spawn. Note: all great cities will spawn 4s in their forbidden zone, King’s Landing will spawn 5s there as it is a 5 area (the only one in the game) Higher levels have more resources and carry higher grade crafting drops. Any level player can farm any level resource tile.

*Note – Resources gather at different speeds regardless of troops, research or Speed Up items (all of which will affect your gathering speed). The resources are listed in order of fastest to slowest.

Farmlands allow you to farm Grain, the crafting drop for Farmlands is Jute which is used to craft your Champion set.




Lumberyards allow you to farm Wood, the crafting drop for Lumberyards is the Poplar Branch which is used to craft your Champion set.




Quarries allow you to mine Stone, the crafting drop for Quarries is Cobblestone which is used to craft your Champion set.




Mines allow you to mine Iron, the crafting drop for Mines is the Corundum which is used to craft your Champion set.




Mints allow you to mine Gold Dragoons, as mentioned above there are no special drops for this resource type.