Rebel Groups

By April 21, 2019 January 25th, 2020 Guides

Rebel Groups are a new World Map game element added with the April 13th, 2019 update. They use a brand new energy type called Motivation and as with other energy types it cannot be used for any other game action.

Note: For the time being there is no Endurance counter in the main interface.  To see how much Endurance you have refresh the game, go to the World Map and click any Rebel Group. 

Quick Points

  • Rebel Groups have levels 1 to 25 each level progressing in difficulty.
  • Some levels have Elite versions which are more difficult than their regular counterparts and are highlighted on the map by almost a flame effect.
  • You must unlock each level by defeating the previous level starting at level one.
  • Each attack on Rebel Groups costs 200 Endurance regardless of your level or the level of the Rebel Group.
  • Rebel Group attacks are like pvp attacks. You use your commanders, army and Lord Gear.
  • Rebel Groups appear to only have 3 levels of drops quality 1-10 drop maximum grey materials, 11-20 drop maximum green level materials and 21-25 drop maximum blue level materials.
  • Endurance refills at a rate of one every 35 seconds or a full refill approximately every 9 hours 43 minutes.
  • Rebel Group Recommended Rating is Army rating only, not your overall rating.

Blacksmith Lord Gear

With the new Rebel Groups came a new set of Lord Gear, the Rebel’s End Set. This set comprises of 5 pieces but they are all accessories. Two each to increase construction speed as their primary function, to to increase construction speed and one to increase training time.

For now, both construction and both research speed items have identical stats even though one of each is a higher level and requires more materials to craft. As always the advice is to focus on the research item first, then the construction item.

Unless you have a level 25 blacksmith focus on creating and improving the quality of the first item in each set before crafting the second item (assuming you already have the ring and necklace from the Champion Set), since until level 25 blacksmith you can only equip two accessories.


As mentioned earlier there are 25 different levels of Rebel Groups each increasing in difficulty. The first time you defeat a level you get a speedup (varies by drop group) and an alliance gift. There is also a quest that gives you extra rewards for defeating the first 15 levels (this quest appears to be time limited and disappears whether you completed it or not).

As such your first goal is to figure out what is the highest level you can beat consistently. Rebel Groups do appear in the World Map search function. You should know that after you search once subsequent searches will cycle through the available Rebel Groups in your area so you can find the closest ones.


Rebel groups, just like enemy castles, great cities and rebel camps use formations. When you first click on them the order their troops are listed in is the formation they are using.

As such you can increase your chances of either using researched formations or simply adjusting your troops, if you have enough, to counter the formation they are using.

Formation counters are as follows:
Spearmen > Cavalry
Cavalry > Infantry
Infantry > Spearmen

So for example, let’s say you have no formations researched. This means you are using the basic, infantry, cavalry, spearmen, bowmen formation. You choose a rebel group that has the formation cavalry, spearmen, infantry, bowmen.

What you can do is adjust your troops, and commanders to try and counter this. Since cavalry trumps infantry going in with the standard formation is bad, because you are infantry first. The idea is to lower the number of infantry you send, preferably none, and up the number of spearmen. If you have enough spearmen you also want to drop the cavalry you send since the groups second wave counters those cavalry.

In this scenario if you kill the first wave, and most of the second wave your bowmen will finish off the rest.

Having enough spearmen to just send spearmen and bowmen would be ideal, but if you are using this strategy that is unlikely.

Adjust based on the formation of the group.