Rebel Camps

By April 1, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

Rebel Camps are found on the World Map. They are an alliance only activity and require you to rally your alliance to attack them. Note: Do NOT be fooled by Rebel Camp levels. Yes, level ones are generally easier than level twos, but some level ones are harder than some level threes. Scouting is important and you want your Spying level to be at least at level six to see the wall durability. Rebel Camps are a surprisingly deep subject so this article is a work in progress with just the basics for now.

Spoils Chests

Spoils Chests are the reward for winning a Rebel Camp rally, and probably the one thing that confuses new users the most because they expect the chest to go to their inventory. They don’t, they go to your Merchant Guild where they need to be auctioned to get the contents. Chests take from one to eight hours to auction and you can only hold 3 chests at a time. The time appears to be random, but still researching that. There is a point where none of the chests auction for less than 4 hours, and I do believe that is at Level 9 spoils chests.

Obviously the higher the chest the better the chance at a good reward, but as with everything else in the game that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed great rewards from a high level chest.