Lords – Capturing and Being Captured

By April 22, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

One of the most frequently asked questions in the game is “my lord has been captured what do I do?” The answer to that is not completely straightforward for a number of reasons. So read through the rest of this article to see which situation applies to you and then make your decision.

How to Capture a Lord

Capturing a lord is very straight forward, there are only a couple of rules.

  1. You must have unlocked and built the Dungeon.
  2. You must attack an opposing player, either their castle or on a resource tile.
  3. The player you attack must have a castle level 10 or above.
  4. You must defeat (either wound or kill) all of their troops, no survivors at all.
  5. Their lord must occupy the area you attacked.
  6. Their lord must not be sheltered.

If you meet all these conditions you will always capture your victim’s lord. There is no random chance applied here.

Benefits of Capturing a Lord

Lords Below Castle Level 17

Honestly, none. You can set a ransom, but chances are the return won’t be much from lower level players and all you are doing is holding back someone else’s game progression. Basic rule of thumb, just let them go.

Lords Castle Level 17 and Higher

If you don’t have the Hall of Faces see above. If you do have the Hall of Faces you can execute captured lords for attack bonuses applying to total health, total attack, total defense and marching speed. The bonus is dependent on the level of your Hall of Faces and applies for 24 hours. The bonuses do not stack, if you execute more than one lord the time of the bonuses is extended.

My Lord has Been Captured

When your lord is captured you lose access to their skills, any gear bonuses and your talent bonuses. This can seriously detriment your ability to progress so you should try to protect your lord at all times. Below are the options you have if your lord is captured.

To see who has your lord captured, click your lord in the upper left of your screen. This will show you the captor and if a ransom has been set.

Your Castle Level is Below 17

  1. Ask your captor nicely for the return of your lord. Don’t be a jerk, don’t rant, just ask nicely. Honestly most people will return your lord when you do this.
  2. If a ransom has been set pay it. This honestly isn’t a great choice because many players will return to try again if they know you’ll pay.
  3. You can set a bounty. What this does is you pay a bounty if someone else attacks your captor and defeats them and your lord is released they receive the bounty you set.
  4. Wait. Lords are released by the game automatically after 36 hours. This is the best option if option one didn’t work.

Your Castle Level is Above 17

All the options above still apply, with the following caveat. The difference here is if your captor has the Hall of Faces they can execute your lord and gain an attack buff for themselves.

If your lord is executed you have 2 options, wait 48 hours and your lord will be revived for free, or purchase the Summon of the Father item from the diamond shop for 1,000 blue diamonds or the alliance shop for 60,000 alliance coins to revive them immediately. Regardless of your choice your lord is always revived in the same state it was executed in. There is no level or gear penalty for being executed.

There is also a Tears of Lys item you can buy for black diamonds. This item allows you to poison your lord removing your captors ability to execute and gain the attack buffs. This perhaps has strategic advantages during times of war, but seems unnecessary to me.

How to Protect Your Lord

The best thing you can do to not worry about any of this is to protect your lord. For the most part that is pretty easy to do using the following rules.

  1. Do not send your lord on resource farming missions (don’t send any commanders, as a general rule of thumb).
  2. When you are going to be offline for any extended period of time put your lord in shelter.
  3. When online and resource farming always leave at least 1 troop in the city so that if you get attacked you can shelter your lord. You cannot shelter just your lord, you must have at least one troop accompany them.
  4. If you are being attacked use a truce.