How Not to be a Farm

By March 26, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

Quick Points

  • Shelter your troops and lord when away from the game.
  • Do not hold more resources than your warehouse can cover.
  • Gold is not covered at all until warehouse level 25 so keep as little gold open as possible.
  • Use the quick use when opening resource cards, the game only opens the minimum it can to cover requirements
  • If you have a lot of resources exposed use a truce when offline or being attacked.

As with any PvP (player vs player) game there is the possibility of becoming a Farm (a player that is attractive to attack for experience and resources). You gain Lord and Commander experience for defeating opposing armies and you also can gain resources for attacking too, so the incentive to do this is pretty high, especially for higher level players. There are a number of things you can do to make yourself less attractive of a target.


As mentioned in the Getting Started Guide, do not train a lot of army at lower levels. There are four levels of army, Light (t1), Veteran (t2), Elite (t3) and Royal (t4). Royal troops are going to take anyone, even big spenders, a very long time to get. This means that t3 troops are going to be the main ones for most players for a long time. As such you shouldn’t train any more troops than the quests ask you to train before you reach t3s. t1 and t2 troops also die faster. Since your success in battles, inside your city freeing up the resource lands, in battles vs other players and in rebel camps relies on a Morale mechanic, the faster your troops die the faster you lose. So the higher level troops you have the better.

Also since there are significant experience bonuses for attacking castles with troops, the more troops you have the more attractive a target you are.


Resources are listed in the very top bar in the upper right of your game. These are your available resources and must be protected by your Warehouse building. Anything under your protected value cannot be stolen, anything above can. This means you want to do your best to keep your available resources low and within that limit. Note – Resource cards in your inventory are safe from attack. Early game gold is never protected. So never use those resource cards unless you need them for a build, research or training. We are going to point out again here that armies do NOT die or desert if you are at 0 grain, so never use grain resource cards to try and stay ahead of troop usage, just let it run at 0.

Attacking Other Players

As mentioned this can be a valuable avenue to gain experience and resources, but be careful. There are a number of things involved in attacking other players but for the purpose of not being a farm there are two very important things to watch for. First and foremost is their alliance. You may be able to beat that one castle, but if they have an alliance and it’s a strong one you may find yourself the target of retaliatory attacks from much stronger players. If the player has an alliance their name will be preceded with a [CODE] if that is the case click their castle, click the player’s avatar, then in the next screen click the alliance flag in the upper left. This will open an alliance screen where you can see the overall power of the alliance, if you click the little graph icon beside power that will show you a list of players in that alliance and their personal power. Don’t hit big alliances early!

The next important thing here is capturing Lords. When a castle you attack is above level 10 and you have a dungeon in your city you can capture their Lord during an attack (you can also lose your own Lord during a failed attack if they have a dungeon too!). After you have the Hall of Faces building you can execute captured Lords to gain an attack buff, but only Lords from other castles above level 17. This means that if you do not have the Hall of Faces, or if the Lord you have captured is below castle 17 there is very little to be gained from holding them captive. All you are doing is holding another player’s progress back and in Kingdom 2 at least this is frowned upon by the bigger players. Many make a game of going around and jail breaking captured Lords. Meaning they mount an attack and if they win the Lords you have captive will be released.

You can tell you captured a Lord in the battle report, and on the World Map your castle will have a brown icon with chains across it. While you can set a ransom in gold for the Lord you’re probably far better off clicking your dungeon, clicking the captive Lord and releasing it, especially for very low level players. The gold from the ransom a low level player can pay isn’t worth putting a bulls eye on your back.