GoT:WiC is back!

By March 29, 2020 News

GoT WiC is back!


My name is Sarah and I’m a passionate player, guide writer, and software programmer who is playing this game for almost a year. Some of you might recognize me from the game official Discord server and some of you might recognize my creation Winter discord bot that is made for this game, to help players with different functions.

Korruption, my ally in-game and my friend, created this website out of the habit of helping other players and made this when there was absolutely no other content for this game. He wanted to retire so I stepped up to protect his legacy and to continue his work and I hope that I’m worthy to do so.

so yeap! is back in business! Guides, Game news, and new online calculators will be available on this website – all for free! In addition, this website will have a portal for Winter discord bot. Winter can do PO functions, Bubble reminder and offline calculations on your discord server and is best legal to use (according to game ToS) utility for this game that helps you and your friends in different ways. I also have some very Hype news about the winter future and more functions that will be added to it soon in the near future.


GoT WiC is back


I hope I can maintain this website and create the content that you deserve and like. Help me with your feedback and suggestions or your very welcome criticism.

Thank you all,

Yours sincerely,