Getting Started

By March 24, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a browser game developed by GTArcade. It is a surprisingly deep game that is still in Open Beta (the definition of Beta has changed over time, the game is live and mostly stable, but there are still bugs and changes implemented regularly). Being a relatively deep game there is a lot to know and a lot of ways to “go wrong” early on. As with any game of this type you can always correct those mistakes, nothing is permanent, but it does take time and time is the most important currency in this game. So this site, is our way of helping you avoid those early pitfalls.

Some things may change, and all of this information comes from playing the game, listening to people further along in the game and trial and error. If you notice any errors, or things that have changed. Please use our contact form to let us know!

Starting the Game

As with any game like this there is a tutorial stage at the beginning that shows you the basics. How to upgrade a building, how to hasten a building, how to fight in Weirwood, how to train troops and research and the basics of battle. This tutorial is pretty long (frustratingly so if you have played another account) but pay attention. However that being said the tutorial isn’t how you should play the game, but rather just showing you the very basic controls. For example it shows you to Speed Up every build, that isn’t a great idea honestly but more on that later.

One thing that is important is learning the interface of the game. A lot of the questions you’ll have are actually answered in game but because the interface has so many controls you might not notice. Don’t rush when you first start. Don’t worry about falling a little behind, knowing what you’re doing is FAR more important early than building a ton of troops, researching the wrong things, not knowing how to find the things you need to find. Investigate. Click things, open up building tabs and look around them. Find all the controls and read all the information. Yes, some of it is still sort of badly written, some of it is a bit hidden but click everything and read everything! Don’t throw the instructions away like you do with Ikea furniture!

One of the most critical buttons everyone misses is the question mark in the upper left of most building dialogs. This will tell you the info for that building, what it does, any particular buffs it imparts and at what level those buffs apply.

The VERY Basics of the Early Stages

Below are some very basic rules for getting started. Again, not critical but important and some of them carry on throughout the game.

VIP Level

VIP is accessed by clicking the purple number in the upper right of your screen. VIP is a very important piece of your game play and you want to get that up to 9 as soon as you can, but ideally you want to be 4-5 almost immediately for the benefits it offers. Most important in the beginning game is the “free speed up”. At level 4 any building or research below 11 minutes is free, and when you do a longer one the last 11 minutes are free. At level 9 that bonus increases to 24 minutes. Level 4 also gives you a 14% Lord Experience bonus, level 9 increases that to 50%. You don’t know what this is yet, but trust me it’s important! VIP level can be increased with Blue Diamonds. As soon as you have 500 (Blue Diamonds are not scarce, the game will give you quite a few and early on they’re best spent on VIP level) buy the 500 diamond increase. Never buy the 100 VIP point increase, it is 1.5 diamonds per VIP point. VIP level never goes down, the timer you see is the time until you can claim your next free chest. This means the benefits are permanent and the earlier you start reaping those benefits the better.


Farmlands. During the tutorial you will open up your first set of buildings inside your city. The game will walk you through creating one each of a Farmland, Mine, Quarry and Lumberyard. You will be left with one empty space. Do NOT build another farmland, in fact at this point in the game NEVER build another farmland. This may change, but for now Grain is mostly useless, and your armies do not die or desert if you run out of Grain. Again, this will be explained later, but for now know that you don’t need them so don’t waste time building them.

Monthly Card

Monthly Card, this is a cash purchase and if you are going to spend real money on the game it is by far the most important purchase you will make! You get an instant purchase bonus of some diamonds and other things, and you get some diamonds, resource cards, and speed ups every day for 30 days. For only $10 it is the best thing in game. At this time you also get Melisandre as a commander for free with your first Recharge, so this is a double win!

The most important rule! Armies

This game is a long term game, there is a lot to know, a lot to do, it is probably going to be a year or longer before any “winner” is crowned. As such there is no need to rush army, in fact don’t rush army. Until you reach the third stage of troop training only build the troops the tutorial tells you to train and no more. This seems counter intuitive but trust us on this. Inflating your rank with low level army just makes you a target and doesn’t help you at all. Focus your efforts on research! Research is important, its benefits are permanent. Troops are not. The better your research the stronger your troops, so early game spend most of your speed ups in this category! Thanks to Eric & Fringlish for this important rule!

One piece of important knowledge in this game is it is very forgiving to defending players. The highest level player in the game can attack you and if your city is built right do NO permanent damage. So worrying about defending yourself early is completely unimportant!

Have fun!