Game of Power

By August 2, 2019 Guides

Basic Description

The game of power is a randomly generated event that pits you against another “player” (player is in quotes for a reason, more later) where you compete to gain rank in either Construction or Research. As such there are two different games and you must pay attention to which. Tech game of power is research, the regular game of power is construction, and only the appropriate action will count.

Each game lasts 30 minutes and the score is based on the rank gained for completing a building or research. So the higher the level of the action the more rank points you score.

Timing and Level

This event is for low levels only, I have not figured out what stops them from appearing, but so far at almost 900k and castle 14 I am still getting them on one account.

They tend to appear shortly after logging into your account or after finishing a long research or construction. Avoid doing either of these things if you are not able to wait for the game to complete!


There are two prizes, a gold chest and an iron chest. The winner gets the gold chest. I will get screenshots later but what you need to know is you WANT to win! Every gold chest includes 5 Sheila medals.

How to Win

Remember how I put “player” in quotes in the basic description? I did that because these are not other humans. It is a server controlled bot. If you don’t believe me search their name in the Social box. They won’t appear.

As such they’re predictable and pretty easy to beat, every time. (if the game finds out about this post expect them to change the behaviour lol). The goal of the bot is to get you to burn speedups. Don’t let it make you do that!

Behaviour of the bot

In my experience if you leave the bot to play alone without finishing any of the required actions it will end up with approximately 1,500 points, it will score a few points every few minutes.

If however you finish a required action, within a few minutes the bot will score just enough points to take a lead. Finish a big construction and it will jump enough to pass you by a fair amount. Finish a small construction and it will jump just enough to pass you by a small amount.

It also appears the bot is very unlikely to snipe you in the last minute or two. If you have a lead you are pretty safe in that time period, but still keep an eye on it.


Given the behaviour of the bot the simple way to approach these games is to ignore it for a few minutes. Get a very small build or research going, preferably one you can finish with just alliance helps and wait. When it passes you (and it will) wait until it jumps again and finish your action and start another.

The goal here is NOT to destroy the bot with points early. It WILL pass you. You just want to jump ahead by a bit, then let it pass you, rinse and repeat.

For your second last action make it one that gives you a decent lead, but doesn’t require a large amount of speedups, and finish it within the last two minutes of the game. Then set up one last action and wait, you likely won’t need to use it but it’s good to have that reserve.

In Conclusion

If you catch all of these and don’t rush out of the range (again not sure what that is but it isn’t very high) you can easily get a blue quality Sheila and perhaps a fair way towards Purple, with very little effort and very few speedups spent.