Frequently Asked Questions

How do I raise my commander levels, they are stuck at 15?

You can level your commanders up to 15 at any Lord level, once they hit 15 your commander max level is the same as your Lord level. So to get level 16 commanders you must be lord level 16 and so on.

How do I raise my Lord level?

Lord level can be increased by completing quests, Weirwood trials, expeditions and rally battles. Click on your Lord picture in the upper left of your screen. If you hover over the experience you have it will show you the various ways of gaining experience.

The Story line of quests pays the highest experience.

What happens if I run out of grain, do my troops die or desert?

At the moment running out of food has no effect on your armies. It is my understanding that this is not going to change since it would affect so many players.

The only thing running out of grain affects is your ability to do any construction or training that requires grain. You can easily replenish to do these tasks with the resources from your inventory.

What happens if my Lord gets captured?

Refer to the Capturing and Being Captured guide.

How do I beat Weirwood 2-18

Weirwood 2-18 seems to be the most frequent one that comes up when people ask this question, but there really is no magic answer. Either your configuration is wrong or your commanders just aren’t strong enough yet. Check out the Weirwood Guide for more details

What does the Diamond Prospecting Research Do?

Diamond mines are handed out to participants in Kingdom vs Kingdom for a few days after the event ends. The winner in each kingdom war gets mines level 1 to 5, the loser just gets level 1 mines.

These work just like normal gathering spots and the higher your diamond prospecting level the faster your troops gather diamonds.

Can I, or How do I change Kingdoms?

Yes you can. Check out the how to change kingdoms guide.