The Dragons in game have a new feature called  Skills. This guide explains how to acquire skills, upgrade them and equip them. Dragon skills are much like Lord Gear in that you can change which ones you have equipped (learned) at any time depending on circumstance. So let’s dive in.

Acquiring Skills

Skill cards can be acquired in a few different ways.

  • Normal and Advanced Skill Raffles
  • From Dragon chests acquired by exploring with your dragon.

Skill Raffle

In your Dragon screen there is a button top left for the Skill Raffle. You get 5 free draws on the normal raffle daily and 1 free on the Advanced. You can purchase 5 more normal draws for 50k gold each, and additional draws on advanced are 500 blue diamonds each.

Normal Draw rewards experience coupons and skill cards from green to blue Advanced Draw rewards just skill cards from blue to gold.

Note: To my knowledge you cannot upgrade the quality of a card, if it is blue it is always blue.

The Skill Raffle dialog also has the Exchange Shop. In this shop you can trade skill redeem tokens for cards from purple to gold quality and they are all army cards other than the gold gathering card. I believe you get 1 redeem token per draw that you do.

Using Skills

In the main dragon interface there is now a skills tab. Clicking on it shows your learned skills. These are the equivalent of lord gear. You can equip and unequip them at will.

Clicking the + button or a learned skill brings up your Passive Skill Inventory. This is where you learn and upgrade skills from.

Already Learned

This is just a horizontal listing of the same skills you have in your main skills interface, if you have nothing learned yet it will be blank.

Can Socket

This is a list of all the skills you own. Either from draws or dragon chests, and experience cards. On the right side of this interface is the skill description, level and progress to next level. Below that are two tabs. Stats shows the initial stats and then the stats at each upgrade. Upgrade is where the magic happens.

Upgrading Skills

WARNING: If you use a skill to upgrade another skill it is lost, there is no way to break apart skills and given the complexity of allowing that I can state with complete confidence there never will be. If you have a skill you do not want to mistakenly use, use the lock button to make sure you can’t use it as upgrade food.

The skill you have on the top right is the one you are currently working on. You can change that by selecting a different skill from your Already Learned list. If you want to upgrade a skill you have not learned yet you must go back to the Stats tab and select a skill from the Can Socket list.

Once you have the skill you want to upgrade selected you can add experience coupons or other skills from the Can Socket list to use to upgrade the skill. Obviously the better the card you use the more experience it gives. Once the bar fills your skill will move up a level.

Upgrade Note:

  • You can upgrade lower level cards without fear. Any experience you put into them will be transferred if you use them to upgrade another card. So for example Uncommon (Green) cards have a base of 30 points when you use them to upgrade. If you add 20 experience to a green card it now has a value of 50 points when you use it to upgrade something else.

Skill Strategies

Regular Players and Fighters

Since there are a large variety of cards to choose from knowing which ones to pick can be difficult. I would suggest not bothering with gathering cards at all for regular players and fighters in particular.

Dragon skills only apply on actions where you send your dragon along. This means that you can only benefit from gathering cards if your dragon is sent to gather, which means they only apply to a single gathering march and make your dragon unavailable for attacks, rebel camps, and rebel groups.

The one exception here is it might be worth keeping Gold Gathering cards, or the best one you have at the very least.

Instead I would focus on the army cards and use all the gathering cards you get to upgrade those. Remember you can only equip one of each type of card, but that is an exact match. You cannot equip two Legendary Army Attack Bonus cards at the same time, but you CAN equip a Legendary and an Epic Army Attack Bonus card at the same time!

Given current game mechanics and the limit on skill slots (6 slots for an Ancient Dragon) I would suggest focusing on full army attack bonus cards and then your primary troop attack bonus cards in the highest level you can get.

Again, remember that you can equip and unequip these depending on the situation, attacking someone and using mostly infantry? Equip all the cards that buff total attack and infantry attack!

Alts and Farmer Accounts

These accounts are generally created to focus on a specific resource, most often gold. So saving and upgrading the gathering cards and using the military cards to upgrade them makes sense. The decision here is easy, if it is a gold account, search for as many gold cards as you can in as many qualities as you can and equip them all at once.

Quick Notes

  • Skill cards come in 5 qualities: Immortal (no idea how to get these, I assume some black diamond package, perhaps a very rare dragon exploration drop), Legendary, Epic, Rare. and Uncommon. There are no Common dragon skills.
  • You can change which skills you have equipped at any time.
  • You do not lose any experience you invest in a skill if you later use that skill to upgrade another.
  • You can do up to 10 Normal Draws a day, 5 for free, 5 more at 50k gold each
  • You can do 31 Advanced Draws a day, 1 for free, 30 at 500 blue diamonds each.