About Me


My name is Sarah and I am “WaR Angel” of NDM (well I change username a lot so at the time you read this I’m probably another Angel but still xd) I’ve been playing games like this past 13 years (since I was 9) and I love games like this. I have two other habits, writing guides and software developing.

So all stuff considered I decided to build winter discord bot. Winter is a discord bot that is made to help you and all other players of this game on discord with different functions like bubble reminder and PO functions. The bot is legal (I mean its 100% ok to use and based on game ToS) and for most parts free to use (I explain why some parts are not free)

This website is made by “Korruption” (of NDM) but he decided to retire from using it so I decided to take it from him to work on his legacy and write more guides 🙂


Say Thanks?


Maintaining web sites is not free, well it can be but this one is not, and the time involved in creating and updating content for this site is very time consuming.

You are under no obligation to pay for the content you find here, it is offered completely free to help you understand the game better and hopefully have more fun.

However, if you find the information here useful and if you want to say thanks then you can click the button below to send me a donation. I don’t expect this, and won’t stop creating content for this site if you don’t, but I will be greatly appreciative of any donation of any size!

The bot (Winter discord bot) is also mostly free too. My policy is to keep all functions that have no hardware use and no database use 100% free but for the ones that will use hardware (Ram space) and database space, I needed to have a way to restrict everyone access to it to control spamming such functions.

So become my patron to say thank you and get access to the patron specific functions of Winter and if you don’t like, keep using the content on this website and most of the winter functions for free <3

Thank You!


For all those people sharing this site and it’s content to your alliances, friends, and in game thank you so much for making this feel worthwhile! You have no idea how much I appreciate hearing that the work I have invested has helped you enough to share it with others!