Changing Kingdoms

By May 28, 2019 July 26th, 2019 Guides

One of the most frequently asked questions is how can I change kingdoms? The answer here falls into two categories depending on the level of your Castle. In both cases you have to use a (or more) Transnational Relocation Item. These items are available for 810,000 alliance coins or in Black Diamond packages for the regular one and every account is given two novice versions to start the game.

Note, the novice version expires after your account is 7 days old regardless of castle level and also states that it can be used at castle 5 or below. 

Relocation Rules

Training Grounds – Your position in training grounds will reset just as it was when you first unlocked the Training Grounds. You will have to fight your way back up.

Resources Carrying Cap – This appears to be linked to either Castle Level or Warehouse, not sure which. There is a cap on the amount of open resources (resource cards are exempt) that you can carry. The game will notify you of whether you exceed these limits or not.

Power Rankings – The number of transnational relocation items you need to move will be based on your estimated rank on the new kingdom. If you are in the top 50 it will cost more than one, if you are unranked it will cost one. If I heard right if you will be ranked number one on the new server the cost is ninety transnational relocation items.

Scrolls Required to Move

Based on your ranking in the new Kingdom.

Cost of Scrolls in Black Diamonds

*Note: Just like many packages, this package resets every time it is released. The release schedule seems random.

Kingdom Move Scroll Cost Calculator

The following calculator assumes you make all your purchases of the Scroll package at one time. You can reduce the cost by purchasing over multiple package resets.

Where You Can Move

There is a restriction on where you can move (this does not apply to the novice transnational relocation item). You can only move to older kingdoms, or kingdoms that are unlocked.

This means that if you are on Kingdom 10 you can move any of Kingdoms one through 9, you may not move to Kingdom 11 or higher until those Kingdoms are unlocked. You can see which kingdoms are unlocked by going to your world map and clicking the far right icon above your mini-map.

How to Move to Another Kingdom

Moving is very similar to using a precise transfer in your own kingdom. You use the Transnational Relocation Item from the map, not your inventory.

Head to the kingdom you want to move to. This can be done in two ways, the first is to click the third icon above your mini-map and choose the kingdom from that screen, or you can use the search item below your mini-map and enter the kingdom you want to relocate to in the first (k) box. From here you can also enter the exact coordinates if you have them.

Click the location on the new map you would like to move to and choose Relocate. This will bring up a dialog showing you if you have the necessary items and whether you are over the resources cap (Note, you can still move if you are over the cap, you will just lose any resources above the cap).

That’s it, welcome to your new kingdom!