Champion City Siege First Look

By April 1, 2020 April 2nd, 2020 Guides

Champion City Siege the third major event that we were waiting for for a long long time. Yes, the third event in the Release schedule in your benefit tab in-game.

Release Schedule

And it’s finally here!

Champion City Siege Opening

So let’s have a look at this event from what we know from pioneer servers to see what should we expect. But before anything pay attention that

The following data about this event is based on what we know about Pioneer servers and are not yet implemented in the main servers. This event might change partially or completly before being implemented on the main servers.



Champion City Siege is basically a mixture of all the other events we had so far. Let me explain how:

Normal Castle siege: The entire event is basically a series of normal castle sieges but between multiple alliances from different kingdoms on a new map.

Army of Dead and alliance conquest: This event is like the army of the dead in the sense that in each event, 7 alliances will port in a new map to fight in with some specific objectives on it.

Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK): This event is like KvK because you can lose your troops for real in it. You can port around,  bubble and fight for castles. Ultimately, the time you control the castles matter.

Champion Siege Map

Event Objective and Prizes


The Champion City Siege objective is to control the castles on map for majority of time. The alliances that control it more will receive better prizes and the alliance that takes the city for majority of time will have access to some specific set of buffs and debuffs (basically a special Kingslanding) and will have access to specific special chests they can give to the people they want.


Important Stuff


  • You need to get an Overlord Invitation item to be able to participate in this event which costs 3000 diamonds.
  • You can leave and return to the battlefield map, but if you wanna return you need a new Overlord Invitation.
  • If you leave battlefield map there will be a 30 minutes cooldown (just like the teleporting in KvK)
  • You lose troops for real. Your own hospital will be used for your wounded.
  • Buffs won’t be frozen during this event unlike alliance conquest and the army of the dead. Pay attention that You can get ferver and  HoF and Dungeon buffs are usable.
  • You can attack other players directly.
  • You can precise port to any point of the battle map. You also can use a random port.
  • You can be bubbled on the war map.
  • You can’t put garrisons on the battlefield map.
  • You can’t transform resources on the battlefield map.
  • You get no merit in this event (yes – considering how you lose your real troops I personally hope they change this)
  • The champions will be immune to the amnesty of their King/queen on their servers (the king/queen can’t release their prisoned lords)

All stuff considered this event is a major fight opportunity for alliances that want more fight in their lives. It’s brutal but at the moment with the special badges (two troop types (Infantry and cavalry) attack badge) and the crazy diamond prize, it looks good. I hope they also fix the issue about merits!


Thanks for reading! Let’s wait for tomorrow’s update to see what possible changes they did in this event.