Blacksmith – Lord Gear

By April 1, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

The Blacksmith building is where you forge gear for your Lord to wear. It unlocks at level 8 Castle. There are currently 8 sets available to be forged in game, the Champion set is available via materials dropped in resource farming, the Glorious set is available via events (not implemented yet) the other 6 come from materials dropped by Rebel Leaders (the horses on the map).

Equipping Gear

When you first unlock your Blacksmith you will have 6 gear slots open on your Lord. The seventh becomes available at Blacksmith level 17 and the eighth at Blacksmith level 25.

The six basic slots are Head, Chest, Main Hand, Off Hand, Legs and one accessory. Slots seven and eight are also accessory slots. Accessories give higher bonuses than all the other slots, so you should target them early! They also require more materials as a general rule.

To equip a piece of gear click your Lord in the upper left of your screen. Then click the item slot you want to equip. If you have no gear equipped this will show you your inventory of items available to equip at that slot. If you have something equipped it will show you that item, its current bonuses and Badges and have two buttons. Enhance takes you directly to that item in the Blacksmith and gives you the options required to upgrade it to the next Quality. Change allows you to change the item to another item. Clicking change gives you that inventory of available items for that slot.

Understanding Bonuses

Each piece of gear you own has bonuses that you can benefit from, and each set has a Set Bonus that applies if you own the entire set at Blue Quality or better. There is a distinct difference between Piece Bonuses and Set Bonuses. Piece bonuses require the item to be equipped on your Lord to be in effect. Set bonuses apply regardless of whether you have any of the set items equipped or not.

To view Set Bonuses click your Blacksmith > Forge > My Collections.

Change your Gear!

Choosing the right gear for the right action is critical and makes massive differences in your research, construction and troop training times. One thing to understand about this game is the time to complete an action is set when you start it, and is not affected by anything after that (percentage wise, hastens and helps affect it obviously). This means that if you have multiple gear items you can change them to affect an activity’s starting time prior to starting.

So as an example let’s say you won the Builder’s Hood which affects Construction speed, and the Maester’s Hood which affects Research speed. If you are about to start a new construction make sure to equip your Builder’s Hood and if you are about to start a new Research equip the Maester’s hood. As mentioned, since this only changes the start time, you can then swap gear again to start a new activity without affecting the completion time of the previous activity.

Early on this helps a bit, later in the game it can knock days off of long researches, constructions and hours off of long troop training activities.

Changing gear is also important for battle, having the correct gear to match your army during attacks is very important!

Changing gear is a bit tedious, it requires quite a few clicks per item but we guarantee this is something you do NOT want to ignore.

Lord Gear Sets

The Champion set is the first set you want to target. It is basically the beginner set and each piece gives you a bonus that is very important early on in the game. The materials to forge this set come from farming resource nodes on the World Map.

Jute comes from farming Farmlands.
Poplar Branches come from farming Lumberyards.
Cobblestones come from farming Quarries.
Corundum comes from farming Mines.

The set quality (colour) corresponds to the material quality. So to craft a green set you need green materials, to craft a blue set, blue materials and so on.

To wear all 6 pieces of this set you must have Blacksmith level 17, before that you cannot wear the second accessory. However you can swap them out depending on what you are doing. So if you are starting a new research put on the ring, if you are starting a new construction put on the necklace.