Beginner Quick Guide

By April 20, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

This guide won’t give you in-depth reasons as to why these things are important. They will be linked to much longer articles that explain the why’s and the strategies. Basically this is a point form list of basic strategies of the game and how to progress in the most efficient manner. This list isn’t really in order, so read the whole list before getting started. The one guide you want to read before using a single talent point is the Lord Talent Point guide. Trust us, this will save you 500 blue diamonds later on!

  1. Follow the tutorial. You have no choice anyway! But actually read things, take your time and see what the game is telling you. It will give you the basics of everything in the game including a very basic understanding of PvP Battle with the inner city area fights.
  2. Raise your VIP Level. As soon as you have 500 blue diamonds (that should be very soon) buy the 500 VIP Points item, this will take you all the way to VIP 4. Do not use your blue diamonds on anything but VIP levels until you reach VIP 6. Never buy the 100 VIP point item.
  3. Focus your early efforts at building on your castle and your Maester Tower, every time you level your castle the next building you should level is always your Maester (until 25 when the Maester Tower has a bunch of other buildings as requirements other than the castle).
  4. Get your castle to level 7 so you can join an alliance.
  5. Join an alliance, any alliance, you aren’t worried about being in a great alliance or a powerful one (they likely won’t accept you anyway). What you want are the perks from being in an alliance early. When building or starting researches you can ask for alliance help. Each help counts for 1% of the total time or one minute, whichever is more. It also allows you to attack rebel leaders on the World Map.
  6. Use up all of your Motivation (Rebel Leaders), Endurance (Rebel Groups), and Stamina (Weirwood) Never let these items stay at full for very long, not at all if possible! They both increase lord and commander levels and this is VERY important.
  7. Don’t train a lot of the early troops, only train what you need to complete the story quests and when you get it the daily active training quests. No more than that, and that is Light and Veteran troops. This means you’ll be creating very few Light (t1) troops and slightly more Veteran (t2) troops because the last of the inner city battles are quite difficult. If you rush to Elite Troops (t3) these battles are much easier but there are downsides to doing that.
  8. Keep your eye on the main screen. Make sure to claim your timed chests in the upper right bar when they become available and to help your alliance mates when helps pop up.
  9. Research in this game is key. This is where you want to spend the majority of your speedups. Never use regular speedups on troop training! Only use the troop training specific ones there.
  10. Purchase the VIP level 4 chest. This includes a 25% Lord Experience Bonus item.
  11. Start saving your quests, meaning don’t claim any quests other than alliance quests. This seems counter intuitive, but what you are doing here is saving them up to use them all at once when you use that 25% Lord Experience Bonus item you bought. When you have a dozen or more (the more the better) quests saved up use the 25% Lord Experience Bonus item (it will be under Battle in your inventory) and claim all your quests. This item lasts 24 hours so do this when you have time to complete as many quests as possible! This should jump your lord level quite a few levels.
  12. Use your Talent Points as soon as you get them! See the Talent Point guide for how you should be doing this. This is VERY important to be set up right from the beginning!
  13. Start farming resources. Send all your troops to a single resource, early on you won’t have enough to empty even a level 1 resource anyway, and the longer you are on a single resource the better your chances of getting materials for Lord Gear. This early don’t bother with farming mints. Gold will become scarce and very important later, but in the early stages Lord Gear is FAR more important.
  14. Click everything. Read everything. Hover everything. Some information in this game is hidden behind hovers, and in weird places. Understanding the UI is important. On buildings click the question mark in the upper left. This shows you what each level of the building will unlock or give you as bonuses.
  15. Build ONE farm. Troop upkeep means nothing, troops do not die when you run out of grain, this means you need a single farm to meet requirements for other buildings.
  16. When you open the parts of your city that allow Army Tents, Hospitals and Mints. Build one or two army tents at most, build three or four hospitals at most and make the rest mints. Refer to the Inner City guide for why.