Alliance Mobilization Quest

By May 21, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

The Alliance Mobilization Quest can be found up in your top bar where the Elite and Normal quests are. This is an entire alliance quest where each member above castle 15 can accept quests and complete them for points.

The top 5 alliances will move up a tier for the next event, the bottom 5 move down a tier. In the first event all alliances start in the Apprentice tier.

Important Points

  • You must be castle level 15 to participate
  • You must be part of the alliance before the quest starts to participate
  • Each member gets 6 free quest attempts, a 7th can be purchased for 1k blue diamonds (there is a plus button beside attempts on the main screen)
  • Abandoning or failing to finish a quest uses up an attempt
  • Rewards must be manually claimed within the prescribed completion time. Simply gathering enough stone, for example, but not claiming the reward will result in a failed quest.


Since this is a combined score event, smaller alliances will have a harder time competing. The more active members you have the better your chances, especially in the higher tiers.

Make sure to read and understand the quest parameters, and pay particular attention to the ones that have large numbers, since the game does not have thousands separators it is easy to mistake 30m for 3m if you aren’t careful

Do not undertake quests you cannot complete. This hurts your alliance, also as noted in the points above you must claim the reward for it to count, meaning you have to be around to claim before the timer expires. Don’t set a bunch of gathering on a 5 hour quest then go to bed for 8 hours!

From what I understand try to keep your average points per quest around or above 100 points each to do well in the standings.

This event lasts a week, it is not a race. Be picky about what you choose and make sure you are getting the best reward for the time invested!


Since this is my first time doing this quest, this will be a work in progress. I am not going to give exact points or amounts since these change over time and listing every stone gathering quest would be tedious.

Instead this will give the quest types, and rough points, and approximately how easy or hard it is to complete. Gauging whether you personally can complete any task is up to you to decide!

NOTE – Marquis level alliance members can remove quests they feel are too difficult to complete or not worth doing. When viewing the list Marquis will have a small x in the upper left corner of each quest. When a quest is removed a new one will spawn in 30 minutes. It is important to cycle out quests based on your alliance’s ability to complete them!