Alliance Basics

By April 27, 2019 May 29th, 2019 Guides

Being part of an alliance in the Game or Thrones – Winter is coming browser game is critical to your progression. This is not a game you can succeed at as a single player, all the most important game mechanics rely on you being part of an alliance and working together with your alliance mates to progress.

Quick Benefits of Being in an Alliance

  • Alliance helps on construction and research tasks
  • The ability to participate in Rebel Camp rallies
  • The ability to attack Rebel Leaders on the World Map
  • Sharing of resources (Stone, Iron, Grain, Wood and Gold)
  • You can help defend and be defended from other player attacks
  • You can participate in the Castle Siege event.
  • You receive Alliance gifts when your alliance mates complete certain tasks and make black diamond purchases
  • Special alliance shop with its own currency, alliance coins
  • Playing an online game with other people is just more fun!

Joining Your First Alliance

You are allowed to join an alliance once you complete chapter 3 of the Story Quest. In new kingdoms you’ll very likely get a few pop ups asking you to join an alliance. It is a good idea to just join one of the ones that pops up. If you do not get one of these pop ups you can click the Alliance button in the bottom row of your screen and choose Join Alliance. This will present you with a list of alliances that you can either ask to join or some will just have a join button because they have set their alliance to Open Join.

At this stage in the game all you want is to be part of an alliance, don’t worry if it is a strong alliance (those likely won’t accept you anyway) you just want the perks that come from being in an alliance.

You also want to join one that has a decent amount of members so that you can get as many alliance helps as possible.

You also have the option to create your own alliance at this point. I strongly suggest you not do this unless you are an experienced player (and if you are reading this guide you probably aren’t). The entire purpose of your first alliance is just to get the perks, the only perk you get in an alliance by yourself is the ability to attack Rebel Leaders.

Alliance Helps

Alliance Helps are one of, if not the, most important parts of being in an alliance. You can request your alliance mates to help you when starting any building construction or research action.

Each help an alliance mate gives you will take off 1 minute or 1% of the time from your action, whichever is higher. The number of helps you can receive is limited by your castle level, between 6 for a level 1 castle to 30 for a level 25 castle. You can see the amount for each level by clicking your castle and then the question mark in the upper left of the resulting screen.

Each help you give an alliance mate will give you 800 alliance coins for the first 50 helps each day, for a maximum of 40,000 per day.

Alliance Gifts

You get alliance gifts when you or your alliance mates preform certain actions in the game or make black diamond purchases. The list of gifts under your alliance tab are yours, they are not shared so do not be concerned about claiming them.

You have a maximum of 300 alliance gifts that you can hold, this may seem like a lot but in a very active alliance this can add up fast. Once you hit the limit you will receive no more gifts until you claim them. This is bad for you and for your alliance which will be explained below in the Alliance Leveling section.

Gifts can contain resource cards, blue diamonds, and speedups of varying quantities and time depending on the level of the gift and the level of your alliance.

Alliance Levels

This is one of the more confusing parts of an alliance for many people. Your alliance level is shown on your alliance gift screen and is directly related to the number of gifts that your alliance members open.

On your alliance gift screen there is a Gift box on the left with a counter x/50,000 this is the number of gifts each of your members has opened. When that counter gets to 50,000 every member of your alliance will receive a “big gift”. The Big Gift just contains alliance coins, but is important. Because each of these that is opened moves the Alliance Level bar at the top of the screen.

This bar moves at more than one point per big gift opened, but at this time I am not sure how many points or if it changes by level of the alliance.

The higher your alliance level the better your chance of getting better items from the regular alliance gifts. This change is pretty marginal though, going up one level does not seem to make a significant difference.